JBL Unbreakable brings you 16 of the world's best bboys! Each bboy is selected through a qualifier or by the organization. 

They look for bboys/bgirls with the complete package: an original allround dancer with lot’s of soul! We're giving a chance to the current heads, the ledgendz and the underdogs! Everybody can win with this carefully selected judge panel. This is what makes Unbreakable one of the toughest competitions on the planet! During the day we select the best 4 bboys out of the crew vs crew battle. They will get a chance to represent their country and crew in The Unbreakable World Champsionship.

Judges: Renegade, Extremo, Niek, Admiracles, Kleju

Competitors: (check this page for more info on the competing b-boys)

Dj’s: Nobunaga

Hosts: Max, Sambo

Time: 19:00 – 23:00

Rules: The Unbreakable 1on1 is on invitation + qualification through the crewbattles.

Prize: € 1000 + Spot in The Undisputed World Bboy Masters